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Clear Aligner Costs

At I-Orthodontics, we believe that a beautiful smile is not expensive. It's priceless.

One of the first things people notice about you is your smile. There is no better feeling than feeling confident about your smile. Properly positioned teeth can not only improve your smile, but also enhance your facial appearance. We love watching the transformations of our patients’ smiles, and the improved self-confidence that goes along with it

I-Orthodontics offers a free consultation. This means that your first appointment with us is free and no insurance is needed or billed. At this appointment, you will get an exact fee quote of what your entire orthodontic treatment will cost. With Clear Aligners, and our new state of the art iTeroscanner, we can even show you a simulated result before you to decide to start treatment. In order to determine the cost of your treatment, our doctors will perform a clinical examination, along with diagnostic records. Treatment cost is generally associated with treatment time, and we will give you an estimated time of treatment on your first appointment.

We also provide a number of different payment plans and will work with you to develop a plan to make treatment affordable. We always encourage our patients to take advantage of our interest-free flexible financing that we offer. Finances should not stand in the way of the smile you deserve!