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Think Twice about Bottled Smoothies

This fruity thick beverage made from blended raw fruit or vegetables as been reckoned on by parents as a healthy beverage that they can feel good about buying for their kids.  However, another study that was published in the British Medical Journal kicked against the myth surrounding the smoothie in a major way.

According to the journal, “many popular bands of smoothies marketed to children contains even more quantity of the sugar than a can of soda or several candy bars combined.”

According to the Munchies:

  • The classic green-tinted Original Super food from Odwalla contains 49 grams of sugar per bottle.
  • The cold pressed Blueprint cranberry blend contains 51 grams of sugar in every bottle.
  • The Bolthouse Farms Blue Goodness blend contains 116 grams of sugar in a 32-ounce bottle.

The items listed above exceed a can of coke that contains 44 grams of sugar. Always remember that the normal recommended daily allowance of sugar consumption for kids is just four (4) teaspoons or about 16 grams.
Fruit on its own contains natural sugars, while the fresh fruit contains some fibers that help to keep our body from assimilating all the sugar. Smoothies on its own have refined sugars. The bottled smoothie drinks add sugars in the form of honey or sweet syrups, while the advertisers of this product claim it to be “all natural.”

If your kids demand for smoothies, the best thing for you to do is make them at home. By minimizing the amount of fruit you use and adding some veggies will help you to control the amount of sugar content afterward.

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